Observation site
Hao atoll : Airport
Eclipse site coordinates
Lat : 18 deg 03 min 51.9 sec South
Lon :140 deg 57 min 36.4 sec Westt
Altitude : 0 m
Totality duration (m:ss)
Instrument used
500mm f/5 catadioptric telephoto
Camera used
Modified Nikon D40 to accept standard cable release to take 3 frames /sec

Some totality and eclipse site pictures

Hao eclipse site panorama next to airport apron

Satellite picture of eclipse site : Please note that our Ring of Fire group and an other one from Torino, Italy were the only ones authorized to observe next to the airport.

All the others were located at Otepa village, the only island settlement. They were less lucky than us during totality.

Panoramic view of the Hao airport apron : The aircraft at the fereground is an ATR72 who flew us roundrip from Papeete.
We landed at the exact time the Sun rose 2 hours after we took off at Papeete Faa.
Jean-François Guay, a collègue from Longueuil Astro Club with Francoise Boutin from SAPM.
Clouds parted company with the Moon at first contact.
A close up of my modified camera
Me in full action during partial phase
Panoramic view of landscape 2 minutes before totality

Until 10 minutes it was not sure that we will enjoy totality due to passing clouds. .

Relative apparent diameter of Moon (black) and the Sun at eclipse time

1/60 sec exposures during partial phase

Composition made with Photoshop 7

Baily's beads at second contact

Exposure 1/1000 sec @ ISO 200

Sequence showing Baily's beads formation at second contact
Chromosphere and proeminences at begining of totality

Exposure 1/1000 sec

Internal corona

Exposure 1/250 sec

Middle corona

Exposure 1/125 sec

External corona

Exposure1/60 sec

A star, Wasat (Delta Geminorum) is visible at the top left corner.

Composite coronal picture made with 7 different pictures

Enfuse plugin has been used to fuse the pictures The resulting picture has beeb enhanced with Photoshop 7.

A better picture will follow when I will call Photoshop nerds to help me.

The chromosphere is coming up announcing that totality will end soon. A nice loop proeminence is visible.

Exposure 1/1000 sec

2 pictures overlay showing chromosphere at begining and end of totality.

The picture shows clearly that the eclipse site was off of center line by a large margin.

Composition made with Photoshop 7

End of totality : 3rd. contact

Exposure 1/1000 sec

Sequence showing Baily's beads formation at 3rd. contact

Pictures shifted 90deg clockwise

Exposures 1/1000 sec.

Panorama showing Moon shadow receeding after totality